Holds you back in your job, you can't relax or concentrate, few or no friends and family ties because you can't stand the tension.

Worse, you're just missing out on life! Nothing's happy, rewarding or satisfying. 

Sound familiar?

You CAN understand and manage the mental and physical effects of anxiety. You CAN have happy, rewarding and satisfying in your life again!

Let's FIX this!

Together we discover and utilize the ways to change negative thoughts and behaviors and even relieve the physical discomfort! Skills you will learn and have for life.

Our goal (yours and mine)  will be to start with the skills and seek change right away! 

Bringing the HAPPY back!

Don’t let anxiety stand in the way of pursuing your goals.

Give yourself YOUR life back!

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Dr. Fritz Hershey Psy.D., MFT