Couples: Why is There Trouble in our Paradise? 

  • We Don’t Talk

  • We Always Fight


  • We Can’t Talk Without Fighting
  • I Don’t Know if it’s Worth Saving
  • I  Live in Constant Doubt

Is This Relationship Dying? OR Is it Killing the Both of Us?

  • This trouble affects the kids at school, no matter how we try to hide it. 

  • I can’t hide it at work. 

  • I can’t relax and concentrate. 

  • I can’t enjoy my day. 

  • I’m a good person.  I’m entitled to a better way aren’t I? 

Well?  Is This You?

You CAN have a happy family and enjoy your day, your home, and your life. 

You ARE a good person. 



Are you struggling to deal with the challenges of parenthood? Are you and your partner having trouble agreeing on certain issues and  parenting techniques?

​Being a parent is no easy task, and sometimes,  even the most seasoned parents can benefit from an outside perspective.  That's where Dr. Fritz Hershey  Psy.D., MFT comes in. As a therapist in  Redondo Beach, CA, Dr. Fritz Hershey Psy.D., MFT offers parenting and family counseling to those  looking for some help.

Whether you're a first-time parent or have several children, it can  be helpful to discuss your feelings and concerns with a professional.

Dr. Fritz offers parent counseling to help  people work through issues and improve parent-child  relationships. Your counseling sessions will take place in a warm,  inviting environment, and you'll benefit from our convenient Redondo Beach, CA office location, hours, and appointment  scheduling.

If you could use some help as you navigate the complex seas of  parenthood, call 310-710-1974 and get the help your family deserve.

Dr. Fritz Hershey Psy.D., MFT