Dr. Fritz Hershey Psy.D., MFT

Depression Therapy

If you’re searching Redondo Beach, CA, for depression therapists you can feel comfortable sharing your feelings with, Dr. Fritz Hershey Psy.D., MFT. 

Our office IS a safe zone where you open up about the despair, helplessness, and sadness that has crept into your life. You’ll be met with compassion and patience as you explore the origins of your current feelings and beliefs. We’ll do our best to use our vast resources and techniques to design a personalized strategy to help you cope with depression. Through careful conversation and listening, we may be able to help you uncover the origins of your anguish or unhealthy tendencies.

You can trust us because of our dedication to your satisfaction. We have flexible hours and will respond to your concerns.

Dr. Fritz Hershey Psy.D., MFT:
​compassionate and highly professional depression therapist. Crafting a healthy outlook begins with voicing your thoughts and feelings in a secure setting.

You can schedule your appointment by contacting our office today,  310-710-1974.